Thursday, December 27, 2007

I am blessed.

I’m not afraid to say it.

I had a wonderful Christmas. The kids were so happy and excited. Everyone seems to be happy with their loot. My living room now truly does resemble a daycare center. To me it’s all about togetherness and happiness.
We got “Rock Band” for the family and have had a lot of fun playing with it.
The kids take turns with the guitar and drum and I’m always the singer because I’m the only one who doesn’t care how bad I sound. Hey, I got “Top Performer” (97%) so I must not be all that bad! Then again I was singing an Ozzy song… LOL!

We had the best Christmas dinner! John made prime rib, I made collard greens, and we both made fresh green beans and roasted garlic mashed potatoes. It was scrumptious!
We have vowed to eat collard greens more often. So yummy!

My “big gift” is a new camera which was really a huge surprise. It’s a VERY nice camera. So nice in fact that I am just a tad bit intimidated by it. But as John says “In order to sell things online you must have nice pictures.” (My hubby is so smart!)
John has charged the battery and I have the first DVD ready to watch. Thank goodness it comes with instruction! Maybe it’s true that technology gets a little scarier as you get older. Hmmm….

I’m in the process of reorganizing my office so I can work more efficiently. Think that’s possible? LOL! John bought me a new office chair so I’m comfortable to work. *eh hem* Is that a subtle way of telling me to get my butt to work?

I’m looking forward to 2008. Not only to make my business grow, but in all the new things the babies are discovering and learning.

I’m working on my resolutions. I’ve decided to print them out this year and post them on my office wall. I’ve decided to go with three. One will be weight loss and another is to expand my glass technique. Not sure about the third one. Stay tuned…

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November is ending...

Only two more days left in November! Where has the year gone?
Johnna turned one on Thanksgiving day! It was so special having everyone here to celebrate with her. We got her a Bitty Baby that Jacob has been taking care of for her. Grandma (my mom) got her some beautiful gold earrings with screw backs. She received a beautiful white furry coat from Aunt Sissy. Aunt Kathy bought her a super cute outfit for Christmas. Aunt Jill got her a Baby Leap pad (reading) which both she and Jake loves! She also got lots of moola for her bank account. She’s a very lucky girl!

Joshua turns 20 tomorrow! I can hardly believe it. We are having a special birthday dinner for him and his friends on Friday. He has requested Chicken Alfredo, Pumpkin Crunch and carrot cake. My hips just grew 4 inches typing that!

Well the babies need lunch. More later…

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Stunning Silver Leaves Goddess Pendant donated by dyzart

Gorgeous Dichroic Fused Glass Pendant donated by GloriaLynnGlass

Lovely Seasonal Stained Glass Pumpkin donated by GetGlassy

Trick or treat!Announcing the CGGE's Halloween Candy Corn Hunt and SALE!
On Oct. 24, CGGE members launch a special scavenger hunt with gorgeous glass prizes. And member shops will be holding special sales as well!
Take a good look at Ms. Candy Corny, at left. She is the clue that will lead you to the prizes! In the spirit of Halloween, participating members will hide a picture of Candy Corny in one of their listings. Your trick? Search our shops and find her, to qualify for a shiny treat. One winner will receive a stunning silver leaves goddess pendant donated by dyzart. Another winner will receive a gorgeous dichroic fused glass pendant donated by GloriaLynnGlass AND a third winner will win a lovely seasonal stained glass pumpkin piece donated by GetGlassy. And while you are searching our shops for the Candy Cornys, you'll notice fabulous sales which may include set percentages off, BOGOs, free shipping, and more. See each shop's announcement for its special SALE!

Here’s how to play!
Contest runs October 24-31
To play, you must be an Etsy member. It’s EASY, sign up here if you are not a member already:
Search each participating shop listed below to find a hidden Candy Corny image. Each participating shop has one Candy Corny hidden somewhere. When you find one, make a note of the shop name, and the item number shown in the address window of that item. For example, you find a Candy Corny here: Jot down "creationsinglass 285136" (shop name and item number). Remember she may be hiding ANYWHERE in a shop. Simple!
When you've found all of the Candy Cornys, send a convo to Kris & Peggy at creationsinglass, with all your answers.
The contest will run for one week, Oct, 24-31. At midnight Oct. 31, our CGGE judges will check all of the entries for correct Candy Corny sightings. Winners are the entries with the most correct sightings. In the likely event of a tie, the three winners will be drawn at random from all the correct entries. The lucky, clever winners will be notified via convos on Nov. 1, and their names will be published before the cheering throngs on our website and in the Etsy forums.
CGGE members are not allowed to participate, but will join in, chat and cheer contestants on in the thread while you are searching for the Candy Corny!
Participating shops:

Have fun and good luck!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rainy Day

I love rainy days. I love to cook and clean on rainy days. Tonight we are having tomato soup and tuna salad sandwiches on toasted bread. Great rainy day meal! I might even get ambitious and make a dessert!
We are all getting flu shots this week. Some of us are not excited. It protects are babies though so it must be done.

I entered the Magless Exchange again. What can I say… I’m a glutton for punishment.
I’m number 43 this year. I already have a few ideas. Very late due date so I have PLENTY of time.

There is still time to sign up for the CGGE newsletter and be eligible to win the nightlight I’ve made. Go to to enter.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Monday!

We visited the apple orchard on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and the kids had so much fun! Jake was excited to see all of the farm animals and loved playing in the hay.
He even braved the haunted house! Johnna was sort of just in awe of all the people and people and activity. The highlight was the tractor train the pulled us through the orchard and pumpkin patch. We bought apples, fudge, donuts and a caramel apple. It was an awesome day.
Show on Saturday! So much to do!
Hope this is better than the last one.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

WIN a Gorgeous Nightlight!!!

I am donating the prize for the CGGE (Creative Glass Guild of Etsy) October newsletter drawing!
The prize is a lovely nightlight made from glass nuggets in white, clear, yellow, red, purple, green, blue and turquoise that I have soldered together and attached to nightlight base.
You can see the nightlight here:
All you have to do to be eligible to win this prize is to visit and sign up for the newsletter!

Good luck to all that sign up!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday #10 Camden!

I didn’t forget. ;)

Today started out pretty blah but has rounded off being a pretty okay day.
I have new motivation and I asked someone if they would like to be interviewed for my blog! Stay tuned for more on that!
Less than 10 days until my first trunk show.
Am I calm? Hardly… Yikes, yikes and triple yikes!
My oldest (Josh) was scheduled today to have his wisdom teeth extracted on the 28th. My poor baby! I remember getting mine out. He thinks he’s going to go out that night. Ha!
We shall see…
More later…
Must get… beauty… sleep….

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I was scammed!

When I was in Ohio several weeks ago I had the opportunity to try on my nieces “Crocs”. As ugly as they are, they were surprisingly comfy.
After some consideration I decided to look them up. Retail they go for about $30 bucks. So I decide to search for them on eBay. Bingo! I find a seller who is almost giving them away for $9.95 plus shipping and handling! And they were authentic! So I immediately choose the “buy it now” option and purchase them.
I saved so much money I decided to search for some fun accessories for my Crocs.
I bought a cute little bunny, a plump and juicy strawberry, a cup of Joe and a Sugar Daddy sucker.
Now all I had to do was sit back and wait for my purchases to come in.
Two days later I received my accessories. So cute!
Seven days later I look online to see the status of my shoes.
Hmmmm… the seller who had a 100% positive rating is now receiving negative reviews.

I contact her and ask her when I could expect my shoes.
She replies:
I am sorry. i get them from canada and they were stuck at customs on the united states side. i have resolved this. they will be here by thursday afternoon. if you want i can give you your money back. if not i will pay to overnight them to you as soon as i have them. here is the tracking number of the shoes XXXXXXX 754 and here is there website if you want to take a look .
I ask if she’s talking about the current Thursday or the next Thursday.
She replies:
thursday next week. as i say in my listing, i try to ship within 2 weeks.i am getting them from canada. i will get them to you as fast as i can. thank you
I tell her no problem. Just keep me in the loop.
The following Thursday I log onto eBay to see the status of my shoes.
There is no listing…
There is no seller…
(Insert swear words.)

I file a claim with PayPal.

Meanwhile I decide to give another eBay seller a chance. Mind you $10 dollars more, but the first deal should have sent huge red flags my way. If it’s to good to be true, it probably is.
I received my new Crocs from the second eBay seller in 2 days. Love em!

Just received a email from PayPal.

We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your favor.
We were able to recover $18.34 USD and this amount has been credited to you. Please allow five business days for this adjustment to be posted.
If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort to recover the balance from the seller.
If the seller's account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owed to you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against the seller's account, which may include limitation of the seller's account privileges.

What comes around…

Thank you PayPal!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday Miracle

So yesterday I was affixing bails to some pendants when I hear a loud “THUMP!” on the front storm door. So I look out the window and see nothing. I was about to go back and sit when I decided to look down. There on my front doormat was a tiny yellow bird. I thought to myself “Why are you torturing me God? You know how I can’t stand to watch anything die.” As I about to cry the little bird moved ever so slightly. There was hope! I ran to the linen closet and grabbed a washcloth. I opened the door carefully and bent down and scooped up the tiny bird. It opened one eye and sort of glanced at me but didn’t move. I sat in a chair on the front porch and started to talk to the bird.
“You can’t die bird. I don’t do dying. So tell me what’s wrong and we’ll fix it.”
The bird just kind of looked back at me tiredly.
I gently extended one wing to see if it was broke. Didn’t look broken, but I’m no birdie doctor. I extended the other and it looked fine too.
I checked both of his tiny feet. They seemed to be okay.
All of a sudden he stood up. He looked at me warily. I said “Well, hello.”
He sat atop of the washcloth and eyed me. He kept closing his eyes as if he just wanted to nap.
He was breathing a little hard, almost as if he was too hot so I left him on the washcloth and ran into the house for a small bowl of water. I was afraid he was just too tiny to set on the bowl to drink so I held the bowl up to his beak and let a few drops run into his mouth. He drank! He turned to me as if to say “Keep it comin!” so I dribbled a few more drops into his open mouth. He drank for awhile. Then like a football player coming to after being tackled by the opposing team he did a big shake and quickly looked around. He froze when he saw me only inches from his face.
I went back into the house for my phone and snapped a couple of pictures of him. All the while thanking him for not dying.
I offered my finger to him and he climbed up and perched there for about 30 seconds, maybe to thank me. Then he flew away.
To me it was truly one of life’s little miracles.
Every time I’ve answered my phone this morning his picture pops up and makes me smile.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Moo Cards

I got me some! Oh ya baby!
I love them so much I may never part with them!
I found someone who makes wonderful cases for them on Etsy. Her name is Splatgirl. Love the cases, just wish they held a little more. I need to order one today!

Attention! No, I don’t want 10% off!
Can someone please tell Target that I don’t want their credit card and to please STOP asking me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
And what’s up with all the rude people?
They run you over with their carts, let their kids do whatever they darn well please and when I go out of my way to smile at people and you’d think I was giving them the finger!
C’mon people! Get freaking happy!

I just got some new glass. *happy dance*
Can’t wait to flip the switcheroo on my giant easy bake oven tonight!
21 days until the trunk show! Who’s nervous?! Oh ya, that’d be me!

Okay much to do!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I’m dealing with another major headache today. I’ve already taken the first dose of Tylenol, drank tons of caffeine and am counting the minutes until I can take more Tylenol. My stomach is quite queasy and my left eyeball is twitching in pain. I’m thinking its weather related. Who knows… Maybe I have an alien camping in my head and he’s currently doing jumping jacks for exercise. I just wish he’d hurry up and finish!

Only 23 days left until my first show in public! Eek!
It’s a trunk show. I’m sort of excited about it and nervous at the same time. I figure this way if I get to overwhelmed I can just slam my trunk and drive away! LOL! I’m kidding… I think…

Okay need to get back to work. It’s also time for more Tylenol.
I’m going to try to catch a tiny nap when the babies lay down for their afternoon siesta.
Heads should not hurt like this!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I’m done for today. I’m going to throw some laundry in, start dinner and relax…Ahhhhh…..
Well I’ll relax while I clean up al the toys in the living room. LOL!
If I get a second wind I’ll do some soldering tonight.
This humidity is draining!
At times like this I start to wish for winter, but then I get sick of winter. I think I’d like to live somewhere where it’s fall year round. That way I can wear jeans, sweaters, hiking boots and take the babies on walks a couple times a day. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Making pigs in a blanket (hotdogs in crescent rolls) for dinner. Becca requested them. LOL! It works for me.
Ooops! Johnna has awoken from her nap.
Guess that ends this blog entry.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's Tuesday!

I’m having a pretty good day, you?
Planning and organizing for my upcoming weekend. Have to pack my car bag with all the essentials. My latest Martha Stewart (hey, I like her!), my sketch book, pencils, candy, some glass articles, and maybe a small craft or two.
I got a Frit Maker today! No more hitting glass in a plastic bag and having tiny glass pieces fly all over. Wooohooo! Let the smashing begin!
I’m waiting for another box to arrive with a new engraver. Mine died and I’ve been using the Dremel. Crikey! It has a mind of its own.
Big brother is on tonight. I’m wondering how much farther Amber can go on without needing an IV to keep her from being dehydrated from crying every 3 seconds! Good lord!
Tonight’s dinner is pork chops, rice and Caesar salad.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Head is a pounding today. I came up with some display designs. Going to draw them out and try to make them myself, with John’s help of course.
I’m working on some crocheting today. Wanted to try knitting but I’m sticking with John’s advice. “Stick to what your good at”. He’s such a smart man.
Okay need to place an order.
I’m always spending more than I make.
Does that make me a real woman? LOL!
Big brother is on tonight. Amber needs to up her Zoloft.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy hump day!

<---- Jake and his Donkey pez dispenser.
It’s been so long. I’m trying to find my groove. It’s hard to groove with two active babies!
I’m working hard though!
I’m trying to work on getting together some shows too. Scary!!!
I was sitting on the couch this morning hugging my angels and breathed in deeply. One smelled like lavender baby soap and one smelled like waffles and syrup. It was heavenly!
Can you believe it’s August? Only one month until school starts again.
I’m going back to work. I promise to blog again tomorrow!
Seven layer salad for dinner!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Manic Monday

I was a cleaning fool this past weekend. It’s nice to have things done before the start of the week though.
There was a nice storm I think on Friday and I got a pretty picture of the rainbow over our roof.
Too much to do today!
1) Cut the babies nails! It’s a major struggle but it must be done. They both like to pinch. Ouch!
2) Fire kiln wash on molds.
3) Cut glass for projects.
I kicked the boys out of bed Sunday morning and made them mow and weedwhack the lawn. As a reward John took them to see the new Die Hard movie. They said it was pretty good.
We just recently bought two new movies.
Apocalypto~ pretty graphic but action packed. Makes me very thankful I live in this time and place.
Bridge to Terabithia~ bawled my eyes out! Was a good movie but had I known it was so heart wrenchingly sad I would never had watched it.
Dinner is already done. Just needs to be grilled. Speedys! Maybe if I have time I’ll make some cupcakes.
Time to get to work!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The kids really enjoyed the fireworks!
The people behind us tried to set our house afire with bottle rockets until I nicely yelled over the fence for them to point them in another direction. *Grumble*Dinner was fabulous and I let Johnna have a mini Popsicle (It was hot!) after her dinner.
She ate it very daintily and got sort of irate after I took the remaining little bit away.
I did some drawing last night and think I have some great ideas for my ACEO’s.
I’m going to try to start them today.
Goals today:
1) List five items.
2) Start ACEO’s
3) Deadhead flowers.
My girlfriend had her baby! He is almost 9lbs and very healthy! Yay!
The kids are napping so I need to get to work.
Fish sticks and Mac-n-cheese for dinner! :/

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I’ve decided I’m taking the day off from my goals list. Whatever I get done today is just a bonus! :)
John is cooking some fabulous ribs! We are having tossed tater fries and hot spinach salad with them.
If the weather stays nice we will have a wonderful fireworks display in the backyard tonight.
I’m very worried about my friend Cayla. She was supposed to contact me on the 1st after she delivered her baby and no word yet… I keep praying.
Everyone stay safe!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kid Update

Well, I completed my three goals (well sorta, close enough) and it really felt good knowing the things that I needed to do and I felt even better when they were done! So I need to set three more for today. Today’s goals will be:
1) List five more things.
2) Make a new pattern and select the glass.
3) Seal cement.

I’ve already done the dishes, have laundry going, fed the babies and now I’m sitting down to my first cup of tea. Ahhh…..

So I just joined It’s another avenue for self promotion. I’m just shameless. I swore I’d never join MySpace and I did that too. *sigh* I need to remember to add them to my blog. Where is that list…

I utilized the Dremel for the first time last night. So glad I bought it for John. J LOL!
Made fast work of grinding cement and I got the control I was looking for.

Johnna is trying so hard to sit up on her own. And she has started to stand up holding onto things! The little booger is growing way to fast! Good thing my last birthing experience killed any desire for me to have any more babies or I just might consider it.
I’m glad she’s my last though. It means I can spoil her completely. She’s such a good baby that’s not hard to do! Her smile melts my heart.

Jake is starting to use more words. His favorite commercial is the Meow mix cat food commercial. He meows forever after seeing it! LOL! He loves his new kitchen. He even ate his ice cream last night with the play spatula. Ugghh. It’s in the dishwasher as we speak.

Joey is a typical teenager. He thinks summer is for hibernating. I just wrote on my list for John to get to the YMCA for an application. I think Joe would have fun there. He needs something to do besides play video games and drive me nutts! We need to hurry though because I think he may be growing fangs.

Josh is doing so well in college. It makes me so proud. We always knew he could do well in school. Now if we could only get him to clean his room… LOL! It’s amazing what this kid comprehends. Just looking at his math formulas makes my head ache.

Tonight’s dinner is Asian beef with peapods. Sounds yummy!

Monday, July 2, 2007


It has been to long since I posted in my blog. I am going to try to keep up with it now and make it more personal.
I have gone on vacation to Cortland, NY. I now need a vacation from my vacation…
Jake turned two! Wooooohooooo! We let him “decorate” and eat his cake in any way he chose since he awoke from his nap in a very foul mood. It was very hard to keep him occupied and happy in a house that is not designed for a very busy toddler. We all survived that experience thank goodness.
We visited a small zoo in Binghampton, NY and saw about 5 animals (no I’m not exaggerating) and the kids rode a carousel. It was just nice to spend some time with John’s dad.
I am so glad to be home though!
20 hours in the car gives you a lot of time to think!
I’m going to finish up the fused glass projects I have going and then switch to some stained glass for awhile. The holidays are creeping up on us so fast! So many planned projects, so little time! I need to think of what to do for my “siblings” gift this year too. I want to have that done by October.
I’d love to pull out my torch too, but I need to focus on one thing at a time.
I’m reading a book by Amy Tan “Saving Fish from Drowning”. It’s slow going because when I have time to read the babies don’t let me for long.
Another new resolution I made in the car is to set 3 goals for the day. They don’t necessarily have to be glass related. A little list for focus and to feel I accomplished something at the end of the day.
Today’s goals are:
1) List 5 things on Etsy.
2) Finish two projects.
3) Straighten up work space.
I’ll let you know tomorrow how this panned out.
Tonight’s dinner is chicken salad sandwiches. YUMMY!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm Hungry!

It’s almost time to make dinner. There are major storms blowing in. Today was very warm. But I thought of some awesome new ideas!
Tonight I will sketch my ideas out. I’m hoping to have some of them done by the end of this coming weekend. Haha! Hey I can dream!
The only problem I’m having is the nightlights… I can’t seem to nail down a definite design for those. Oh well... It will come to me.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Whew! What a weekend!

I’m a little worn out!
Thursday I was not feeling good. I had a HORRIBLE headache. It took me all day to recover. A fountain soda cures everything! Thank you John!
Friday we lost our internet for the day. Ya gotta love Comcast. We supposedly now have fiber optic lines now… Sure we do… John got the base to the shed built.
Saturday we went to Nicholas’s 2nd birthday party at Gymboree. Jake had a blast! I have a suggestion to Gymboree designers though. If you’re going to create an area for toddlers to run and explore, you might want to put the cupboards and door handles a little higher! Jake was fascinated in slamming the party room door. Poor Johnna cried whenever someone new looked at her. LOL! I missed the CGGE meeting and was pretty bummed about that but I won't miss the next one! When we went home and John and the boys finished building the shed. It’s pretty spiffy and brings us one step closer to turning the garage into a studio!
Sunday was Mother’s Day. John did all the grocery shopping all by his self while I stayed home with the babies. When he got home we made the salads for dinner then I went flower shopping with my mom. We bought mauve colored Gazalia’s, hot pink Million Bells, purplish pink Snapdragons, pink variegated Coleus, a tiny bluish purple perennial (forget the name, super cute!), Lavender, a bubble gum pink Million Bells hanging basket, Bibb lettuce, Cabbage, Parsley, Basil, red leaf lettuce and much more! We finished planting the front yard. Now we must work on the back and side. Boy I’m feeling the hard work today.
We invited John’s mom over for dinner and had steak, crab pasta salad, Asian coleslaw, and marinated green beans with cucumbers and onions. For dessert we had Tiramisu! Yum! We topped the evening off with the Survivor finale. BOO! Yau-man so should have won! The best present I received was a card that John had bought and had put the babies finger prints in. He said he had a heck of a time getting Jacob to cooperate. LOL! It made me cry. It was a wonderful day!
Well, that was the weekend! Today is Monday. Time to get some work done!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dreary day...

There is no sun. Today is a day of planning, plotting, designing and creating.
Breakfast is over and the babies are fed. Both are bathed and playing nicely, for the moment anyway.
Joey claims to have a stomach bug, so I will monitor his food intake to determine if his is faking. More likely he doesn’t have his homework done.
Today is not a day to turn the kiln on. For some reason we lose our power more than anyone else in the world. I haven’t had a full kiln and lost the power yet. I think if it ever happens it’ll be the last time it does. That’s for sure.
We just lost the satellite…
Thank goodness we have dvd’s. I popped in “Toy Story”. Hope Jake likes it.
I like rainy days for the most part. My flowers are getting lots of water and I find the rain to be soothing.
Maybe today my theme will be umbrellas and puddles, or ducks and raincoats.
Lightening and black clouds are cool too.
Tonight we will have tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner. Yum!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Some of my favorite things...

*Stained glass panel of me wearing an Indian headdress*

And I’m not talking about my children. I don’t consider them things. They are my treasures. I’m talking about things that make you instantly feel all warm and fuzzy or invoke a sense of nostalgia. Things that are not that coveted but make you smile.
Peacocks feathers are one of these things for me. Not only are they magnificently beautiful, they bring back a flood of memories.
Glass, it’s prettier than diamonds to me. The colors and possibilities are endless.
Peapods, their packaging is simply divine.
Teacups, I prefer them to be old, chipped and mismatched.
My husbands warm hands. They immediately comfort me.
Flowers...Blue Hydrangea, Peonies, Roses, Lilacs, Queen Anne’s lace, Bleeding Hearts, and Daises. I could go on and on.
Coffee, not only can I not function without it, but sometimes a whiff will bring images of my Mugga.
Books, they are my preferred method of relaxation. I’m hoping they have them in heaven because I’m not finding a lot of time to read them here.
Music! Hearing a song can whisk me back to a time or place. A song can also change my mood. I’m thinking today is going to be a 70’s day.
Pickles, I need to learn to make my own because no one can make them right.
To be continued…

*sigh* Time to work. At least it’s using one of my favorite things!

Monday, May 7, 2007

So I’m starting a blog…
My name is Celyn.
This was suggested to me by a group of talented glass artists whom I’ve joined forces with in creating a team called the “Creative Glass Guild of Etsy” or the “CGGE” for short to help promote myself, my work and my team.
It took me a few days to consider what a blog was and what I might blog about.
My blog will be about me. My glass of course! Oh, and probably about my family too.
Having four children makes for an interesting blog story about every five minutes.
I have three boys’ ages 19years (Joshua), 13years (Joseph), and 22 months (Jacob). Then I have my princess Johnna who is 5 months.
I am married to a wonderful man named John. See a pattern here?
We all live in a quaint gray bricked house in Michigan. My mother and 13 year old sister also reside here. With eight people in one dwelling it’s a tight squeeze but we manage. There is never a dull moment, that’s for sure!
We just painted our living room “Vintage Orange” and the hallway to our bathroom “Mango Madness”. It certainly reflects the liveliness of our home. It goes well with our kitchen that is painted “Savage Red”. LOL!
That’s enough for now… I must go water the geraniums I planted yesterday. I’m so happy spring is here!