Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's Tuesday!

I’m having a pretty good day, you?
Planning and organizing for my upcoming weekend. Have to pack my car bag with all the essentials. My latest Martha Stewart (hey, I like her!), my sketch book, pencils, candy, some glass articles, and maybe a small craft or two.
I got a Frit Maker today! No more hitting glass in a plastic bag and having tiny glass pieces fly all over. Wooohooo! Let the smashing begin!
I’m waiting for another box to arrive with a new engraver. Mine died and I’ve been using the Dremel. Crikey! It has a mind of its own.
Big brother is on tonight. I’m wondering how much farther Amber can go on without needing an IV to keep her from being dehydrated from crying every 3 seconds! Good lord!
Tonight’s dinner is pork chops, rice and Caesar salad.