Thursday, July 5, 2007

The kids really enjoyed the fireworks!
The people behind us tried to set our house afire with bottle rockets until I nicely yelled over the fence for them to point them in another direction. *Grumble*Dinner was fabulous and I let Johnna have a mini Popsicle (It was hot!) after her dinner.
She ate it very daintily and got sort of irate after I took the remaining little bit away.
I did some drawing last night and think I have some great ideas for my ACEO’s.
I’m going to try to start them today.
Goals today:
1) List five items.
2) Start ACEO’s
3) Deadhead flowers.
My girlfriend had her baby! He is almost 9lbs and very healthy! Yay!
The kids are napping so I need to get to work.
Fish sticks and Mac-n-cheese for dinner! :/