Monday, July 9, 2007

Manic Monday

I was a cleaning fool this past weekend. It’s nice to have things done before the start of the week though.
There was a nice storm I think on Friday and I got a pretty picture of the rainbow over our roof.
Too much to do today!
1) Cut the babies nails! It’s a major struggle but it must be done. They both like to pinch. Ouch!
2) Fire kiln wash on molds.
3) Cut glass for projects.
I kicked the boys out of bed Sunday morning and made them mow and weedwhack the lawn. As a reward John took them to see the new Die Hard movie. They said it was pretty good.
We just recently bought two new movies.
Apocalypto~ pretty graphic but action packed. Makes me very thankful I live in this time and place.
Bridge to Terabithia~ bawled my eyes out! Was a good movie but had I known it was so heart wrenchingly sad I would never had watched it.
Dinner is already done. Just needs to be grilled. Speedys! Maybe if I have time I’ll make some cupcakes.
Time to get to work!