Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm Hungry!

It’s almost time to make dinner. There are major storms blowing in. Today was very warm. But I thought of some awesome new ideas!
Tonight I will sketch my ideas out. I’m hoping to have some of them done by the end of this coming weekend. Haha! Hey I can dream!
The only problem I’m having is the nightlights… I can’t seem to nail down a definite design for those. Oh well... It will come to me.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Whew! What a weekend!

I’m a little worn out!
Thursday I was not feeling good. I had a HORRIBLE headache. It took me all day to recover. A fountain soda cures everything! Thank you John!
Friday we lost our internet for the day. Ya gotta love Comcast. We supposedly now have fiber optic lines now… Sure we do… John got the base to the shed built.
Saturday we went to Nicholas’s 2nd birthday party at Gymboree. Jake had a blast! I have a suggestion to Gymboree designers though. If you’re going to create an area for toddlers to run and explore, you might want to put the cupboards and door handles a little higher! Jake was fascinated in slamming the party room door. Poor Johnna cried whenever someone new looked at her. LOL! I missed the CGGE meeting and was pretty bummed about that but I won't miss the next one! When we went home and John and the boys finished building the shed. It’s pretty spiffy and brings us one step closer to turning the garage into a studio!
Sunday was Mother’s Day. John did all the grocery shopping all by his self while I stayed home with the babies. When he got home we made the salads for dinner then I went flower shopping with my mom. We bought mauve colored Gazalia’s, hot pink Million Bells, purplish pink Snapdragons, pink variegated Coleus, a tiny bluish purple perennial (forget the name, super cute!), Lavender, a bubble gum pink Million Bells hanging basket, Bibb lettuce, Cabbage, Parsley, Basil, red leaf lettuce and much more! We finished planting the front yard. Now we must work on the back and side. Boy I’m feeling the hard work today.
We invited John’s mom over for dinner and had steak, crab pasta salad, Asian coleslaw, and marinated green beans with cucumbers and onions. For dessert we had Tiramisu! Yum! We topped the evening off with the Survivor finale. BOO! Yau-man so should have won! The best present I received was a card that John had bought and had put the babies finger prints in. He said he had a heck of a time getting Jacob to cooperate. LOL! It made me cry. It was a wonderful day!
Well, that was the weekend! Today is Monday. Time to get some work done!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dreary day...

There is no sun. Today is a day of planning, plotting, designing and creating.
Breakfast is over and the babies are fed. Both are bathed and playing nicely, for the moment anyway.
Joey claims to have a stomach bug, so I will monitor his food intake to determine if his is faking. More likely he doesn’t have his homework done.
Today is not a day to turn the kiln on. For some reason we lose our power more than anyone else in the world. I haven’t had a full kiln and lost the power yet. I think if it ever happens it’ll be the last time it does. That’s for sure.
We just lost the satellite…
Thank goodness we have dvd’s. I popped in “Toy Story”. Hope Jake likes it.
I like rainy days for the most part. My flowers are getting lots of water and I find the rain to be soothing.
Maybe today my theme will be umbrellas and puddles, or ducks and raincoats.
Lightening and black clouds are cool too.
Tonight we will have tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner. Yum!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Some of my favorite things...

*Stained glass panel of me wearing an Indian headdress*

And I’m not talking about my children. I don’t consider them things. They are my treasures. I’m talking about things that make you instantly feel all warm and fuzzy or invoke a sense of nostalgia. Things that are not that coveted but make you smile.
Peacocks feathers are one of these things for me. Not only are they magnificently beautiful, they bring back a flood of memories.
Glass, it’s prettier than diamonds to me. The colors and possibilities are endless.
Peapods, their packaging is simply divine.
Teacups, I prefer them to be old, chipped and mismatched.
My husbands warm hands. They immediately comfort me.
Flowers...Blue Hydrangea, Peonies, Roses, Lilacs, Queen Anne’s lace, Bleeding Hearts, and Daises. I could go on and on.
Coffee, not only can I not function without it, but sometimes a whiff will bring images of my Mugga.
Books, they are my preferred method of relaxation. I’m hoping they have them in heaven because I’m not finding a lot of time to read them here.
Music! Hearing a song can whisk me back to a time or place. A song can also change my mood. I’m thinking today is going to be a 70’s day.
Pickles, I need to learn to make my own because no one can make them right.
To be continued…

*sigh* Time to work. At least it’s using one of my favorite things!

Monday, May 7, 2007

So I’m starting a blog…
My name is Celyn.
This was suggested to me by a group of talented glass artists whom I’ve joined forces with in creating a team called the “Creative Glass Guild of Etsy” or the “CGGE” for short to help promote myself, my work and my team.
It took me a few days to consider what a blog was and what I might blog about.
My blog will be about me. My glass of course! Oh, and probably about my family too.
Having four children makes for an interesting blog story about every five minutes.
I have three boys’ ages 19years (Joshua), 13years (Joseph), and 22 months (Jacob). Then I have my princess Johnna who is 5 months.
I am married to a wonderful man named John. See a pattern here?
We all live in a quaint gray bricked house in Michigan. My mother and 13 year old sister also reside here. With eight people in one dwelling it’s a tight squeeze but we manage. There is never a dull moment, that’s for sure!
We just painted our living room “Vintage Orange” and the hallway to our bathroom “Mango Madness”. It certainly reflects the liveliness of our home. It goes well with our kitchen that is painted “Savage Red”. LOL!
That’s enough for now… I must go water the geraniums I planted yesterday. I’m so happy spring is here!