Thursday, December 27, 2007

I am blessed.

I’m not afraid to say it.

I had a wonderful Christmas. The kids were so happy and excited. Everyone seems to be happy with their loot. My living room now truly does resemble a daycare center. To me it’s all about togetherness and happiness.
We got “Rock Band” for the family and have had a lot of fun playing with it.
The kids take turns with the guitar and drum and I’m always the singer because I’m the only one who doesn’t care how bad I sound. Hey, I got “Top Performer” (97%) so I must not be all that bad! Then again I was singing an Ozzy song… LOL!

We had the best Christmas dinner! John made prime rib, I made collard greens, and we both made fresh green beans and roasted garlic mashed potatoes. It was scrumptious!
We have vowed to eat collard greens more often. So yummy!

My “big gift” is a new camera which was really a huge surprise. It’s a VERY nice camera. So nice in fact that I am just a tad bit intimidated by it. But as John says “In order to sell things online you must have nice pictures.” (My hubby is so smart!)
John has charged the battery and I have the first DVD ready to watch. Thank goodness it comes with instruction! Maybe it’s true that technology gets a little scarier as you get older. Hmmm….

I’m in the process of reorganizing my office so I can work more efficiently. Think that’s possible? LOL! John bought me a new office chair so I’m comfortable to work. *eh hem* Is that a subtle way of telling me to get my butt to work?

I’m looking forward to 2008. Not only to make my business grow, but in all the new things the babies are discovering and learning.

I’m working on my resolutions. I’ve decided to print them out this year and post them on my office wall. I’ve decided to go with three. One will be weight loss and another is to expand my glass technique. Not sure about the third one. Stay tuned…

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