Monday, July 9, 2007

Manic Monday

I was a cleaning fool this past weekend. It’s nice to have things done before the start of the week though.
There was a nice storm I think on Friday and I got a pretty picture of the rainbow over our roof.
Too much to do today!
1) Cut the babies nails! It’s a major struggle but it must be done. They both like to pinch. Ouch!
2) Fire kiln wash on molds.
3) Cut glass for projects.
I kicked the boys out of bed Sunday morning and made them mow and weedwhack the lawn. As a reward John took them to see the new Die Hard movie. They said it was pretty good.
We just recently bought two new movies.
Apocalypto~ pretty graphic but action packed. Makes me very thankful I live in this time and place.
Bridge to Terabithia~ bawled my eyes out! Was a good movie but had I known it was so heart wrenchingly sad I would never had watched it.
Dinner is already done. Just needs to be grilled. Speedys! Maybe if I have time I’ll make some cupcakes.
Time to get to work!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The kids really enjoyed the fireworks!
The people behind us tried to set our house afire with bottle rockets until I nicely yelled over the fence for them to point them in another direction. *Grumble*Dinner was fabulous and I let Johnna have a mini Popsicle (It was hot!) after her dinner.
She ate it very daintily and got sort of irate after I took the remaining little bit away.
I did some drawing last night and think I have some great ideas for my ACEO’s.
I’m going to try to start them today.
Goals today:
1) List five items.
2) Start ACEO’s
3) Deadhead flowers.
My girlfriend had her baby! He is almost 9lbs and very healthy! Yay!
The kids are napping so I need to get to work.
Fish sticks and Mac-n-cheese for dinner! :/

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I’ve decided I’m taking the day off from my goals list. Whatever I get done today is just a bonus! :)
John is cooking some fabulous ribs! We are having tossed tater fries and hot spinach salad with them.
If the weather stays nice we will have a wonderful fireworks display in the backyard tonight.
I’m very worried about my friend Cayla. She was supposed to contact me on the 1st after she delivered her baby and no word yet… I keep praying.
Everyone stay safe!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kid Update

Well, I completed my three goals (well sorta, close enough) and it really felt good knowing the things that I needed to do and I felt even better when they were done! So I need to set three more for today. Today’s goals will be:
1) List five more things.
2) Make a new pattern and select the glass.
3) Seal cement.

I’ve already done the dishes, have laundry going, fed the babies and now I’m sitting down to my first cup of tea. Ahhh…..

So I just joined It’s another avenue for self promotion. I’m just shameless. I swore I’d never join MySpace and I did that too. *sigh* I need to remember to add them to my blog. Where is that list…

I utilized the Dremel for the first time last night. So glad I bought it for John. J LOL!
Made fast work of grinding cement and I got the control I was looking for.

Johnna is trying so hard to sit up on her own. And she has started to stand up holding onto things! The little booger is growing way to fast! Good thing my last birthing experience killed any desire for me to have any more babies or I just might consider it.
I’m glad she’s my last though. It means I can spoil her completely. She’s such a good baby that’s not hard to do! Her smile melts my heart.

Jake is starting to use more words. His favorite commercial is the Meow mix cat food commercial. He meows forever after seeing it! LOL! He loves his new kitchen. He even ate his ice cream last night with the play spatula. Ugghh. It’s in the dishwasher as we speak.

Joey is a typical teenager. He thinks summer is for hibernating. I just wrote on my list for John to get to the YMCA for an application. I think Joe would have fun there. He needs something to do besides play video games and drive me nutts! We need to hurry though because I think he may be growing fangs.

Josh is doing so well in college. It makes me so proud. We always knew he could do well in school. Now if we could only get him to clean his room… LOL! It’s amazing what this kid comprehends. Just looking at his math formulas makes my head ache.

Tonight’s dinner is Asian beef with peapods. Sounds yummy!

Monday, July 2, 2007


It has been to long since I posted in my blog. I am going to try to keep up with it now and make it more personal.
I have gone on vacation to Cortland, NY. I now need a vacation from my vacation…
Jake turned two! Wooooohooooo! We let him “decorate” and eat his cake in any way he chose since he awoke from his nap in a very foul mood. It was very hard to keep him occupied and happy in a house that is not designed for a very busy toddler. We all survived that experience thank goodness.
We visited a small zoo in Binghampton, NY and saw about 5 animals (no I’m not exaggerating) and the kids rode a carousel. It was just nice to spend some time with John’s dad.
I am so glad to be home though!
20 hours in the car gives you a lot of time to think!
I’m going to finish up the fused glass projects I have going and then switch to some stained glass for awhile. The holidays are creeping up on us so fast! So many planned projects, so little time! I need to think of what to do for my “siblings” gift this year too. I want to have that done by October.
I’d love to pull out my torch too, but I need to focus on one thing at a time.
I’m reading a book by Amy Tan “Saving Fish from Drowning”. It’s slow going because when I have time to read the babies don’t let me for long.
Another new resolution I made in the car is to set 3 goals for the day. They don’t necessarily have to be glass related. A little list for focus and to feel I accomplished something at the end of the day.
Today’s goals are:
1) List 5 things on Etsy.
2) Finish two projects.
3) Straighten up work space.
I’ll let you know tomorrow how this panned out.
Tonight’s dinner is chicken salad sandwiches. YUMMY!