Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Present of $7300 to Myself and My Family

So it has been a little over 4 years since I quit smoking.
I feel better and I smell better.
I am no longer killing myself and everyone else around me. I’ve apologized to my husband and children for being so selfish.
And the money I have saved… Holy cow!

I no longer have the seasonal cough, I no longer stand out in the cold to get my fix and I no longer search for extra change to cover the cost of my filthy habit.

I quit cold turkey. I just said “No more.” Sure it was hard. Once the suet in my lungs loosened I choked for a week coughing it up. It wasn’t pretty. But is smoking?
I watch people who smoke now and wonder if I had looked that desperate to suck on something so harmful.

I guess the fact that I and the ones around me will lead a longer, healthier life is a bigger present.
Now I just have to quit eating all this chocolate… LOL!