Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Some of my favorite things...

*Stained glass panel of me wearing an Indian headdress*

And I’m not talking about my children. I don’t consider them things. They are my treasures. I’m talking about things that make you instantly feel all warm and fuzzy or invoke a sense of nostalgia. Things that are not that coveted but make you smile.
Peacocks feathers are one of these things for me. Not only are they magnificently beautiful, they bring back a flood of memories.
Glass, it’s prettier than diamonds to me. The colors and possibilities are endless.
Peapods, their packaging is simply divine.
Teacups, I prefer them to be old, chipped and mismatched.
My husbands warm hands. They immediately comfort me.
Flowers...Blue Hydrangea, Peonies, Roses, Lilacs, Queen Anne’s lace, Bleeding Hearts, and Daises. I could go on and on.
Coffee, not only can I not function without it, but sometimes a whiff will bring images of my Mugga.
Books, they are my preferred method of relaxation. I’m hoping they have them in heaven because I’m not finding a lot of time to read them here.
Music! Hearing a song can whisk me back to a time or place. A song can also change my mood. I’m thinking today is going to be a 70’s day.
Pickles, I need to learn to make my own because no one can make them right.
To be continued…

*sigh* Time to work. At least it’s using one of my favorite things!