Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dreary day...

There is no sun. Today is a day of planning, plotting, designing and creating.
Breakfast is over and the babies are fed. Both are bathed and playing nicely, for the moment anyway.
Joey claims to have a stomach bug, so I will monitor his food intake to determine if his is faking. More likely he doesn’t have his homework done.
Today is not a day to turn the kiln on. For some reason we lose our power more than anyone else in the world. I haven’t had a full kiln and lost the power yet. I think if it ever happens it’ll be the last time it does. That’s for sure.
We just lost the satellite…
Thank goodness we have dvd’s. I popped in “Toy Story”. Hope Jake likes it.
I like rainy days for the most part. My flowers are getting lots of water and I find the rain to be soothing.
Maybe today my theme will be umbrellas and puddles, or ducks and raincoats.
Lightening and black clouds are cool too.
Tonight we will have tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner. Yum!