Monday, May 7, 2007

So I’m starting a blog…
My name is Celyn.
This was suggested to me by a group of talented glass artists whom I’ve joined forces with in creating a team called the “Creative Glass Guild of Etsy” or the “CGGE” for short to help promote myself, my work and my team.
It took me a few days to consider what a blog was and what I might blog about.
My blog will be about me. My glass of course! Oh, and probably about my family too.
Having four children makes for an interesting blog story about every five minutes.
I have three boys’ ages 19years (Joshua), 13years (Joseph), and 22 months (Jacob). Then I have my princess Johnna who is 5 months.
I am married to a wonderful man named John. See a pattern here?
We all live in a quaint gray bricked house in Michigan. My mother and 13 year old sister also reside here. With eight people in one dwelling it’s a tight squeeze but we manage. There is never a dull moment, that’s for sure!
We just painted our living room “Vintage Orange” and the hallway to our bathroom “Mango Madness”. It certainly reflects the liveliness of our home. It goes well with our kitchen that is painted “Savage Red”. LOL!
That’s enough for now… I must go water the geraniums I planted yesterday. I’m so happy spring is here!