Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crafting Diet

I'm a glutton for punishment. Seriously, I sign up for things, procrastinate and then stress myself out to finish on time. I always finish but I lose sleep doing it. Too bad I wasn't losing weight from the anxiety. ;)
In two weeks I need to have 42 squares of different sizes done for a crocheting swap. Now I had months to work on them. When do I start? Now of course. I almost have one set finished.
Did I mention I signed up to swap a handmade sock monkey?
Oh, and I signed up to swap a handmade scarf...
Then there's the Christmas ornament swap I signed up for...
Do I ever think about the fact that I also have two toddlers? A business? Excuse me, two businesses... errr three now.
I have 2 custom orders pending. One I haven't finished designing and one I'm waiting for a key component for. I should be finishing the design...
Why do I do this to myself?! ... Because it makes me happy! I already received my first set of crocheted squares from a fellow crocheter and it made my day! I love to make things and I love to receive things other people have made!
Okay, I'm off to make dinner. Chicken and broccoli in the crock pot. That makes my family happy. :)