Monday, June 15, 2009

Landslide Victory!

Sarah from saladforbreakfast has won the Cosmic gift box for her dad in a landslide victory! Congrats Sarah! Your prize is on its way to the post office right now!
We hope her father enjoys his gifts and we wish all dads a very happy and safe Father's day.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Funny Dad Story Contest

These are the submissions for our "Win Dad a Cosmic Gift Box" contest! Contestants had to submit a funny story about their dad/or children's father. Vote for your favorite on the right.

The winner will receive:
1 bar of Essence of Mars (manly scent) soap
1 bar of UFO Lawn Job (green grass scent) soap
1 crocheted bath puff.1 Bay Rum scented sachet
1 “DAD” fused glass keychain

Voting ends June 14th at midnight. The winner will be announced June 15th.
Good luck everyone!

(You can visit these talented Etsian's shops/sites by clicking on their names.)

mamaslittlemonkeys says:
Ok, mine's not fall off your chair funny...but it tickled me!: ) The other day my son (age 3.5) told my husband, "'re fat like the hungry caterpillar.":) LOL DH does have a little bit of a belly but isn't overly large...aparently its enough for a 3 yr old :)

saladforbreakfast says:
I can't believe I forgot about this thread!!! Ok I'm here now. Here is my story. Err...brace yourselves.When I was a little kid, I used to LOVE reading! I preferred my books over cartoons and my barbie dolls. I even had a huge library in my room! Well, I also used to be a very curious kid...and go into other people's books. My parents had their books in the library in the guest room and I thought "Hmm...I wonder what these big huge books are!" So I picked out this book on biology and got to reading. I was so fascinated with everything and kept reading until I came to this big word I didn't understand. So I figured I'd ask my dad about the meaning of this word at dinner time. The following conversation ensued:Me: (blurting it out loud while everyone is enjoying their meal) Daddy!!! What does "uncircumsized" mean???Dad: (looking stunned, chokes on food) Err...what? What...word, honey?Me: Uncircumsized!! What does it mean?Dad: Uhm...I don't know. Where did you hear this word?Me: I read it in your book! It said something like "All baby boys are born uncircumsized."(Mom trying not to giggle.)Dad: Oh. You'll have to show me this book because I really don't know!Well, we never discussed the meaning of the word ever again. All was forgotten and lost...until I turned about 13 or so and stumbled upon the word again AND its definition. THAT'S when I thought "OMG! I can't believe I was asking him that!" Yup, totally mortifying. I still giggle about it every now and then. It brings a true smile to my face.

Quiltingdiva says:
I grew up in Maine and my dad is a big goober (love him to death) but goober Redneck comes to mind. anyway, I was in high school and I had to call him collect for a ride or something. The automated system says "You have a collect call from Stacy, will you accept the charges". My dad is a man of many many many many words so he can't keep it to a simple yes, he says "yuh yuh, I'll pay for the call". Automated system does not like his answer so she restates the question and again, my dad says "oh yuh, yuh, I'll accept the charges". DUH!! I think he eventually got it, but I wanted to scream in the phone.... "DAD JUST SAY YES!!!". I love my dad :)

reduxredux says:
Great thread! The stories posted so far had me ROFL!So here's mine...Scene: Urban street on a college campus; An 18 y/o freshman and her dad are walking down the street on the first day of Parent's WeekendMe (stage whisper): Psst! Dad-that was my math teacher who just passed us.Dad (outraged): What?! He didn't even say hello?! Why, I oughta..!!! Of all the nerve!Me: Dad, there's a million kids in that class. He probably doesn't recognize me.Dad: What do you mean he doesn't know you? You're in his class!!![THEY ENTER A PUB TO GRAB A SANDWICH FOR LUNCH.]Bartender: Hi Carole! How's it going?Dad: Oh, great. Just great. Your math professor doesn't recognize you, but the bartender knows you by name![CLOSE-UP OF A VERY EMBARRASSED, TOTALLY BUSTED DAUGHTER]

Funny stuff!