Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gonna go crazy. Wanna come?

I'm slightly overbooked for the next two days...

Today we have cleaning, laundry, organizing, product listing and preparing for Friday's busy day. Mind you, this is all while two little people follow behind me and undo everything I do. Thank goodness it's a pizza night!

Tonight we are supposed to be getting some considerable snow... just in time for Friday's lovely schedule... GREAT!

Starting at 8:30am Friday we have 4 dentists appointments followed by one eye appointment (me) and then two doctors appointments (second H1N1 for the babes) and then just to keep it fun, two more doctors appointments (H1N1 shots for John and I)! Fun, eh?
Oh, and did I also mention John promised the kids to go sledding and play and in the snow? So they'll be asking to do that every 5 minutes throughout the day.

What was I thinking?!!

Okay, I'm off. Wish me luck!

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