Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back to business!

Boy... what a week!
Johnna had her Stim test. We are mighty glad that is done and over with! We should have the results sometime this week.

We donated over 15 pounds of soap to Clean the World! This soap will be distributed to Haitians in efforts to help them fight infection and bacteria. We are glad we could contribute even in a small way. :)

I have a lot of projects in various stages of completion so I will be working diligently this week to finish them. The Congo I belong to will be revamping for a new look in two weeks so I have a lot of work to do!

This week's menu:
Sunday - Taco Bell ... because John doesn't want me to cook. :)
Monday - Crock pot buffalo chicken sandwiches and chips.
Tuesday - Spanish rice bake.
Wednesday - Leftovers.
Thursday - Baked fish, wild rice and broccoli & carrots.
Friday - Pizza, salad and something for dessert... having company. :)
Saturday - Alfredo over pasta with grilled chicken and garlic bread.

Today I'm thankful for the compassionate doctors and nurses of Beaumont Hospital. Even though the day was a nightmare (not their fault), they did everything they could to make Johnna happy and comfortable. From blowing bubbles, to making snowmen with Play-Doh, they never stopped trying to make her smile. And a few times they succeeded! LOL!

Have a happy and peaceful Sunday!

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The Cruz Family said...

I wanna hug that baby girl!