Monday, March 3, 2008


Meet Nicole!
She is the first featured artist on my blog! Read on to learn more about her.

1. What are your name, Etsy name, profession and location?
Nicole Carlson, waterfall. Lampworker but turning into a jeweler I think, located in the beautiful West Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada
2.Married? Single? Do you have children? Do any animals dwell with you?
err...been living together so long that we forgot to get married. No kids.
Loki the Bearded Dragon has been living with us for 8 years
3.What medium/s do you work with and where did you learn how to do this?
Mostly Lampwork Glass thought I am starting to make rings in other materials too. I studied glass in Vancouver and Seattle. Worked as a teaching assistant at Pilchuck Glass school in Washington state. earned a lot from that.

4.Do you have a specific area you work in and how much time per week do you devote to your art/craft? Yes, I have a small studio in our basement. It's all mine and I like that very much. Sometimes I work up stairs at the kitchen table because the light is better. Mostly building the boxes and finishing the rings.
5.What inspires you?
Everything. Nature. Things found on the beach. Artifacts. Japanese and Scandinavian design. I see a lot of things in my dreams and try and create these sometimes too.
6.Is there a medium you haven’t tried that you’d like too?
Resin. Porcelain. Pate du Verre. Metal. I'd also like to play around with loom weaving, learn some basketry and hook a rug. I like making things, especially useful things to make living better.
Now some questions from our fellow Etsian’s.
7.Question by : Would you rather be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond?
Small fish - big pond. More to explore.
8.Question by : If you were trapped in an abandoned cave, and could only have three artistic materials with you, what would they be, and why?
Oh boy, This one is tough because if I was trapped in an abandoned cave I'd be trying to get out more than anything. And I'd be hungry so I'd want food.
I kind of make do a lot. You know? Use the materials at hand. But I'd want to sculpt, paint and weave baskets or blankets. So I'd want tools. But if it was only artistic materials? Paint I guess. And paper with some pencils so I could write poetry.

9.Question by : What is the one item you created that you are most proud of? I made a necklace that I call the Warrior Necklace. It was selected by Lark books for their 500 beads book. I wear it all them time. Can't sell it. It's kind of special.
10.Question by : What are five of your favorite Etsy shops?
Right now I'm very fascinated by ceramics - so the potters here on Etsy are my faves -INV/ALT design, Sara Paloma Pottery, alina hayes, whitney smith, element claystudio, Cerulean blue, misslo, shoshonasnow, round rabbit, kim westad, Suuskeramiek, sea urchin. Oh shoot. That's more than 5 'huh. Lets not get started on my favorite non trad rings makers. Yikes.
11.Question by : What is your worst time wasting habit?
Pounce and Flickr - I can browse the pretty pictures for hours.

Thank you Nicole!
Tune in next week Monday for another Etsy artist/crafter!


Round Rabbit said...

I just adore Waterfall! Great interview!

Keighley Arts Factory said...

I love Waterfall's colorful rings and her boxes are yummy too! Glassprimitif

Pam said...

Fun interview! I have been a fan of her rings for quite some time now.

Nicole said...

This was very fun - thank you Celyn!

...and thank you folks for all your kind comments too. You make me blush!