Monday, March 24, 2008


Meet Linda!
What are your name, Etsy name, profession and location?
My name is Linda Hartman and I live in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch country. I sell on Etsy under Papernclay and on Dawanda under papernclaynglass2, I also blog at .
When I originally started selling on Etsy I made Polymer clay items and origami. Hence the name Papernclay.....I only acquired a kiln later and hesitate changing the name of my store after people are coming to know who I am there.
I am a floral designer by trade, I never tire of the beauty I find in flowers.
Married? Single? Do you have children? Do any animals dwell with you?
I am single right now. I do have 2 children. Rachel is in college pursuing a career in accounting and Jerry is still in grade school fighting his way through 4th grade. Buva is the half Boston terrier/half ??? who lives with us . Buva is the dutch word for boy. A word my father called the youngsters, I think when he forgot their names, it fit for all of them.
What medium/s do you work with and where did you learn how to do this?
I love working with paper including cards, scrapbooking and especially origami. I have less time for it now that I also fuse glass,make jewelry, and entertain myself with polymer clay. All of which I learn mostly with the vast knowledge I find on the internet. I am a member of the cgge and when I run across something I question I ask on their forums and other members are very gracious in the sharing of their knowledge.
Do you have a specific area you work in and how much time per week do you devote to your art/craft?
My kiln is in the basement and my dining room has become my work area for jewelry making and polymer clay.I fold origami in front of the computer cause that's where I find most of my diagrams and keep my origami books.
I spend a good deal of my time making my craft and when I'm not creating I follow up with listing on Etsy and Dawanda, my blog,flicker, they're all very time consuming. It's difficult to give an exact time estimate but when forced I'd have to guess 3-4 hours a night. I've learned to make friends with the dust bunnies under my bed instead of fighting them off.
What inspires you?
Nature,people,ideas,'s hard to know as one goes through any given day what will appear and give inspiration.
Is there a medium you have not tried that you'd like too?
None I can really say right now but I will, I'm sure, continue to try new things.
Now some questions from our fellow Etsian's.
Would you rather be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond?
Definitely small fish in a big pond. So much to explore...being a big fish in a little pond would be confined and boring.
If you were trapped in an abandoned cave, and could only have three artistic materials with you, what would they be, and why?
Easy! paper,clay and glass!

Question by
What is the one item you created that you are most proud of?
I made this angel in honor of my mother for a creative challenge and it means a lot to me as did my mother. She would always treasure the handmade items I gave her. This item is very simple but has a lot of interesting detail-polka dot dress,pearl heart and Swarovski dangle, slumped body.
What are five of your favorite Etsy shops?
...very hard to choose, there are so many excellent shops here!
1- - she's my favorite! full of spit and vinegar but yet so sweet!Her determination is inspiring and she's has been very supportive encouraging to me . I can't say enough nice things about her.
2 her porcelain beads are fabulous and she lives nearby me too!
3- - amazes me with how she takes an ordinary item, pencils and creates beautiful art in an unsuspected manor.
4- - has very desirable items for me simple yet very detailed.
5- beautiful wire wrapping another art that fascinates me!
Question by
What is your worst time wasting habit?
I try to use time wisely. Time on the computer is so consuming and much of it is wasted but also very necessary to what I do.
Thanks Linda!


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Great interview. I like the additional questions from other Etsians, too.

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Great feature! I love the creative questions from fellow Etsians!

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Those are some wacky questions...really gives it personality though!