Monday, January 10, 2011


My new year is looking up!
I got a very nice order last night. Can’t wait to share pictures when it’s finished but for now all I can say is… owl. Lots of soap making and sewing to be done!
Supplies and materials have been ordered. Now to finish my other projects before it all gets here!
At about midnight last night decided to lookup the benefits and/or hazards of gargling with hydrogen peroxide. My throat has hurt for about a week… I’m trying home remedies before I break down and go to the doctor. Anyways, it says it is safe to do right on the bottle! So I tried it… holy foaming action Batman! It didn’t help much but I’m hopeful. I probably should just go to the doctor…
I’m kind of working in slow motion right now. I have a million ideas I want to implement just need to find my groove.
Time to make the broccoli cheese soup! Cya tomorrow!

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