Thursday, May 19, 2011

R.I.P Dear Laptop...

My laptop died.
Well, not all the way. The on and off button still works... but that's about it.
Only $950 dollars to fix it! (Not happening.) Not including the $190 I paid for a copy of the hard drive. (Worth every penny.) I guess there will be a new computer somewhere in my future. I'm not very happy about this but I'm also not rushing out to buy a new one right now.

On a happier note... I have a fabric order scheduled to arrive tomorrow! Yay! I'll post pics if I can figure out how to upload them to my dear husband's computer. Actually I guess I'll have to figure that out whether I want to or not! :)

Haven't felt well today. And the kids fighting hasn't made me feel any better. I did do some cleaning... always so much more to do. But we are going to have a nice evening come hell or high water. Homemade nachos are on the menu and the Wipeout (John's favorite show) season finale is on tonight. Throw in a hot bath, some Angry Birds (Jacob is really, really good at it) and all will be right with the world.

Until next time...

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