Monday, February 25, 2008

Today is Joey’s 14th birthday!

Happy birthday baby! He gave me so much trouble coming into this world. He was so tiny and hooked up to monitors. I’m just so thankful he is a happy, healthy kid today. He requested hamburgers and tater tots for his birthday dinner and pumpkin crunch for his cake. Sounds good to me!

Over the weekend I joined an online artist’s swap. I’m super excited and already have planned what I’m going to make. And the other artists are not glass artists. Something different!
Besides that I need to get busy making my maglesses for this year’s glass exchange. I plan on ordering the glass today or tomorrow. Wooohooo!

We ordered our business cards for the new business we are launching on Etsy. They look great! Which reminds me, must order Moo cards for glass. There is just not enough time in the day.

They are saying we are going to get 4-6inches more snow tonight, which means there may not be school tomorrow. If this happens I will declare a pajama in protest. I’m so over winter. Bring spring on!

Well I best get to making that pumpkin crunch. The house is going to smell soooo good!

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