Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cuts a Plenty

I don’t recommend going gung-ho on glass projects when you’re sick and feeling like even the sharp shards of glass would be a nice place to curl up and go to sleep. I have multiple cuts, stabs and puncture marks. The tremendous blood loss is my own fault. I should have stopped after the first 5 injuries.

John and I have started a new business. Now we just have to finish our products.
We are hoping to be ready to launch our new venture on March 1st.
We are very excited!
Stay tuned for that!

We have worked really hard and can not wait to show everyone!
Everyone has been helping in some way. Jake and Johnna cheer us on from the sidelines (gate). Or cry for us to hurry up and finish. LOL!

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. I am making a very special dinner. I can’t tell you what it is until tomorrow but I can tell you that it’s all GREEK to me. Ha!

I already have dinner done for tonight, a simple hamburger and potato crockpot recipe.
It will be hot and ready when John and gets home. YUM!

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