Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer is almost over...

Jake in the new playroom.
I had a really bad week last week. Things are looking better but it makes you take stock and puts things in perspective. Some things that I thought were important last week just aren’t that significant anymore. Things that seemed miniscule now are priority. Funny how things like that work out…
Joseph registers for the 11th grade tomorrow. Both he and Jake start school on the 7th of September. My baby boy will be going to kindergarten. Who gave him permission to grow?! Luckily it’s afternoon kindergarten… so I get one more year before I have to fight with him to get out of bed in the morning. ;)
We have most of the school shopping done. Jake went with a Buzz Lightyear theme. He got the shoes, backpack and had to have the umbrella too. And he literally has four bags of school supplies. A little ridiculous if you ask me… I mean seriously, two dozen glue sticks?! I better see a lot of glued projects coming home.
Johnna is truly crushed she can’t go to school too. So if you live on our street and hear her screaming her pretty little head off everyday on the way home from taking Jake to the bus stop… well now you know why.

This week’s menu:
Sunday – homemade chicken soup
Monday – leftover soup and sandwich
Tuesday – tuna salad lettuce wraps
Wednesday – Pork loin, rice and veggie
Thursday – grilled chicken with pesto pasta and garlic bread
Friday – ffy (fend for yourself)
Saturday – Oven baked whole chicken, stuffing and veggie

And now for some exciting news…
New weekly giveaways starting tomorrow! Every Monday I will post a new goodie to be given away that week. Prizes could come from any of my shops! You need only be a follower of my blog, be a US or Canadian resident and complete that weeks contest requirements to be eligible to win. Stay tuned for this week’s prize!

This week I’m thankful for friends that just listen. Thank you.

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