Sunday, May 2, 2010

Humpty Dumpty…

Yup, that’s me…
Sure I’ve fallen… but not that hard! Yet, I am definitely broken… severely in fact.
I’m so not happy about this… but there isn’t much I can do about the situation now. It’s all in the doctors and God’s hands. OY!
Basically I have a couple of ruptured discs in my spine. The one that hurts, in my lower back, doesn’t concern the doctors right now. It’s the one in my neck, that doesn’t hurt, that has them scheduling emergency surgery this week.
The fact that my neck causes me no pain seems to concern and worry them even more. Oh, and the loss of balance. I just figured that was a sign I was getting older… From the MRI scans you can see a disc has ruptured and all the jelly like stuff is pushing so hard against my spinal cord that you can barely see any fluid. There also has been some damage to the spinal cord but they won’t know to what extent until they see it. So, they plan on going in, removing the offending disc and replacing it with a shiny new metal one and throwing in a handy dandy screw or two.
I have been prescribed a soft neck brace for the time being and have to wear it whenever I am standing or out of bed. They are afraid if I fall even once I could be paralyzed from the neck down. No car rides, no lifting… just waiting for the call.
Seriously?! It just can never just be an easy solution, can it? John says to think of it as a vacation. Uh huh… I’m thinking scraping road kill off of I-75 for a day may be more enjoyable. Almost forgot the best part… they’ll be doing the lower back about six weeks after... lucky, lucky me. *sigh*
I’ll be shutting my shops down as soon as I am told what day they’ll be fixing me. I’ll be back in business just as soon as I learn to function with the gorgeous hard neck brace I’ll have to sport for a minimum of 6 weeks.
The true lesson from this whole experience is that if you feel there is something wrong, don’t wait and endure, no matter how tolerant you are of the pain. I’m being told that I’m very, very fortunate right now that I’m still walking... scary thought, eh?

On to more pleasant things! FOOD!
This week’s menu:

Sunday – Sausage, pepper and potato skillet.
Monday – Speedies and chips.
Tuesday – Hot dogs and baked beans.
Wednesday – Hamburger gravy over rice and veggie.
Thursday – Pizza (takeout).
Friday – Linguini with clam sauce and garlic bread.
Saturday – Burritos and Mexican rice.

So today I’m just plain thankful!
Someone please remind me of this next week when I’m not…

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The Cruz Family said...

So sorry lady, you take care of yourself and keep us posted. (((HUGS)))