Monday, May 12, 2008

New Things

Happy Monday!
And a happy belated Mother’s day!

I didn’t feel well yesterday but I still had a wonderful day. My very thoughtful husband and children bought me the coolest little cart for my gardening tools which you can sit on while you’re working! I also received some new gardening gloves, pruners, spray nozzles for the hose and a new hose.
My oldest bought me two packs of giant Sunflower seeds. I’m so excited to plant them!

It’s a tad chilly and windy here today. The ground is wet from two days of rain. I usually plant my annuals on Mother’s day but the weather had other plans this year. That’s okay; it just gives me more time to plan.
I know I want my usual Morning Glories, Million Bells, Potato vine, maybe some Geraniums, a couple colorful hanging baskets, vegetables plants… The list is endless. I can’t wait to share my plants with all of you this year!

We are working on new things all the time.
I’ve just added some beautiful fused glass soap dishes to They will not only beautify your bathroom but will drain the water away from your soap prolonging its use.
We have new soap scents like Stellar Winds (Pikake) which is a soft floral scent also called Hawaiian Jasmine, Newton’s Epiphany (red apple) and Gravitational Pull (tropical fruit) that is just super yummy smelling!
We also are now offering a soap sampler! It is a great way to try our soaps and decide which scents you like best.
There are always things cooking on the back burner, stay tuned for more!

I’m making pot roast, potatoes, carrots, gravy and fresh baked bread for dinner. YUM!

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