Wednesday, January 23, 2008


At left is the result of what happens if you let your two year old “hold it” and then you leave the vicinity for 4 minutes. The black leather sofa was white. Johnna just sat and observed happily. We will no longer be letting him hold the baby powder. *sigh*

Do you have any?
Any you want to share?
I have a couple. ;)
I’m not ready to share yet though.
I’ll let you know when.

I’m working very hard here. Have one million and one things to do. It feels good to be busy though. It feels even better that I’m working towards a better future for my children as well as John and myself. Ambition and willpower can accomplish anything!

I’m finishing some custom pieces today. Just one more firing and they will be done.
I need to redo a couple of pieces also. I HATE when you fire a piece of glass and it turns out a different color! Talk about throwing a wrench in the machinery! Everything comes to a standstill. Grrrr….

So much to do! Kids are getting restless. More later.


Anonymous said...

BOO! on your secrets! :-)
But loved reading about your little helper's escapade, with sister looking on happily.
Can't wait 'til you get everything up and moving so you'll have some more time for your online buds. Miss you.

Keighley Arts Factory said...

So cute! Hope he didn't inhale! Love Glassprimitif