Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cosmic Cupcakes!

I’m back!

This week I’ll be giving away a 5 ounce Cosmic Cupcake scented with chocolate cupcake, strawberries and cream topping and a cherry on top!
They are a new product and I will be listing very soon.
The cupcakes are made from goat’s milk soap. The cherry is glycerin soap.
They can be made in a variety of scents and can also be filled with some fantastic plastic jewelry to make it a “Surprise” cupcake for the special little girl in your life.

To enter this week’s giveaway just comment below telling me what your favorite cupcake flavor is!
And since I didn’t post this week’s menu… here is is:
This week’s menu:
Sunday – meatball subs and chips
Monday – chicken strips and tater tots
Tuesday – dirty rice and veggie
Wednesday – macaroni and cheese with hotdogs
Thursday – baked whole chicken and baked potatoes
Friday – ffy
Saturday – grilled chicken and pasta
Good luck!


EEMedley said...

Its as toss up between confetti chip and chocolate, but I love buttercream frosting!!!! ~Erin

Rita Saylor said...

I like Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and a cherry on top

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

I'm a little more limited since im gluten free, but I love Pamela's GF chocolate cake mix as cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! Sometimes I add coffee granules and make it mocha frosting! :)

BPR Designs said...

I love german chocolate cupcakes with that frosting with the coconut and pecans.....yum!

HollyCraft Originals said...

I like dark chocolate with vanilla frosting and lots of sprinkles!YUMMY

Pocketful Of Sunshine said...

I LOVE those vanilla cupcakes with little candies inside. YUMMY!!!!!LOL! ;)

MommyP said...

Chocolate with Peanut Butter frosting. Yumm...

dawnberries said...

Right now I could go for a chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting!

Half-Pint Creations said...

It's all about the chocolate! LOVE a devil's food cuppycake with rich chocolate frosting^_^. Mmmmm.....time to do some baking

You cupcake soap looks scrumptious!! Nice job Mama!