Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Christmas tree has been put away...

It took half the day yesterday just to remove the lights! I'll miss it though... I love the colorful lights and warm glow it gave the room.
Tonight is New Year's Eve! We went out for New Year's Eve once... Crazy. Yup, crazy. Now we stay home. ;)

Now it's all about great food, good movies and fun games.

We are having meatballs in a sweet sauce, cucumber toasties, steamed mussels in butter and garlic, potato skins loaded with bacon, cheese, scallions and sour cream and a delicious looking caramel turtle cheesecake for dessert. Not all at once mind you. These things need to be spaced out and revisited throughout the night.
We'll begin our meal watching one of the two Netflix movies we received in the mail. I think we'll start with "9". After that is over we'll play a little Wii bowling to work off some calories so we can hit the yummy food again. We'll finish evening with "A Perfect Getaway". While nibbling of course...
After that we shall sleep soundly in our food induced comas. Sounds like the perfect evening and great way to start the year to me!
Be safe everyone!

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