Monday, September 22, 2008

September is almost OVER!

Hard to believe, eh?
Only 93 days left until Christmas!
I have new beauties in the kiln as we speak.
Our September giveaway (I know, I miss labeled the last giveaway) is a beautiful green fused glass pendant with a 22k gold leaf, an awesome smelling bar of our Newton’s Spicy Side soap (spicy apple) and a colorful Soap Sack to lather up with.
To be eligible to win these prizes just sign up for our newsletter at the right!
We have a new soap called “Red Giant”. It a fabulous cinnamon scented soap. Perfect for Christmas!
I’ll be in Ann Arbor the 5th of October for Etsy @ the Market! I’m so excited to meet some of my Etsy street team! The event is from 11am to 4pm. Please come down and see us!
Mighty Moisturizing sticks are out of stock but supplies are on their way!

Here is a picture of Jake and Johnna after eating chocolate frosted cupcakes the other day. Jake has gotten really good at getting all the chocolate in his mouth. Slow and steady wins the race. LOL!
Dinner tonight is sweet and tangy chicken, mashed potatoes and corn.


kim* said...

hahahaha kids are great! they can make you go crazy at times but for the most part they are awesome and you cherish those moments of fun

The Cruz Family said...

Love those kids! They are beautiful!

La Alicia said...

you kids are too funny - those pics made me smile! Hope your show goes well! :)