Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back on Track

I seriously take electricity for granted. You have no idea how much you actually depend on it until you are without it.
I missed my microwave. I longed for my dishwasher. But I missed my internet most of all.
I couldn’t type a quick message and email it off to John. I didn’t know if IKEA was having a huge sale. I didn’t know the second I sold something in my Etsy shops… It was very painful!
The electricity went out Sunday the 8th. It came back on Thursday late afternoon. Internet was not restored until this past Monday!
Now I’m trying to catch up with all I’ve missed and need to accomplish.

Jacob’s party is this Saturday. It’s a pirate party! I have bandanas and eye patches for all the kids. The kids are going on a treasure hunt which may lead them to buried treasure (provided it doesn’t rain) and then take a dip in the hot tub. We are having pizza, salad, cake, ice cream and punch. John wants Jello shots. We’ll see…

For dinner tonight:
Lemon fusilli with tomatoes and arugula, white fish and Brussel sprouts. YUM!

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